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Institute of Introduction

        On May 8th, 2012,Changshu Shajiabang Tongda Institute of Glass Mould Engineering formallyinaugurated and came into operation, which was set up by Changshu Jianhua DieSets Co., Ltd. and Nantong University. It is a scientific research instituteand a carrier of innovation that dedicated to the study of highly sophisticatedglass mould.

       ChangshuShajiabang town is Asia’s largest production base of the glass mould; it’s theonly “China Glass Mould Town”. Shajiabang glass mould industry dominates thenational glass mould market with a 70% share, also emerging in the world marketwith the products exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as theUnited States, France, Germany and Italy and so on. However, in order to furtherimprove the quality of Shajiabang glass mould industry, and to speed upscientific and technological achievements model, under the support ofShajiabang government, together we invested 20 million yuan to set up “ChangshuShajiabang Tongda Institute of Glass Mould Engineering”. It is the first glassmould institute in operation for research and development of glass mould inChina. Also, it will be a very important platform on speeding up technologyinnovation, achievements transformation and talent cultivation in Shajiabang glass mould industry.

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