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Cast Workshop

     Jianhua mould casting workshop provides castings for the bottles of the companys own workshop and utensils mould workshop, but also for glass mould counterparts at home and abroad to provide strict requirements, high standard mould casting. The mould is the key to guarantee the quality of the glass products, mould material is the key of the mould itself. Well aware of the importance of the quality of the castings, the company has established a modern foundry, which directly control the quality of die castings, and fully guarantee the rapid supply of raw material castings to the Machine Shop.

    Casting temperature, chemical composition, metallographic structure and hardness is closely monitored by a computer system in order to ensure the high quality of the casting; spectrum analyzer to quickly complete the detection of the chemical composition.

       through the analysis of mould in the the machining and glassworks high-temperature, high-speed production operations on the heat, wear, anti-corrosion, anti-fatigue mould material property requirements, developed more than ten kinds of cast iron were applied to different mould assembly, and four of the copper alloy material to meet the needs of the high speed operation of the glass production equipment. The company has a strong R & D capability is better than counterparts

      New moud materials, research and development, but also according to the special requirements of customers.

Bottle mould Workshop

Jianhua mould bottle mould workshop main design and manufacture Blow-Blow law applicable to a variety of machines, Press-Blow , a NNPB mould components and accessories in the pressure method. 

       We can provide customers with revolutionaryproduct design: the use of advanced software simulations bottle process toanticipate problems that may arise and develop solutions to the prototypedesign and calculation, the arrangement of the cooling air and so detailedscrutiny, can significantly enhance the grade of glass products. 

      Between the technology and manufacturing processinnovations group set up by a professional and experienced technicians. Thestrict scheduling process and progress, and make full use of resources to meetthe special requirements of the customers on the quality and delivery of.

Tableware mould Workshop

     The main use of thestainless steel raw materials imported by Taiwan, Japan, Germany, France tomanufacture the containers mould, to guarantee mould material quality. 
    Modernprecision equipment to ensure that mould machining accuracy for complex graphicsproducts by scanning the sample, using the reverse function to generate 3Dgraphics, combined with superb iron sculpture art reached the product patternshape and the unification of the soul ". 
     Reformfixture with innovative ideas, good at finding the optimal effect of the use ofa simple method to achieve processing, especially hold pliers and H28 machinemold component machining is our strength, innovation 4 Sandy Bay processingmethods guarantee to any exchange, to maintain its leading position in the fieldof mold production technology.

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