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Table Tennis Match Reports
Source:jhmould     Views:4719      Date:2012-07-26

    In order to enrich the life of employees during spare time, as well as enhance friendship and communication between different departments, from July 18th to 20th, we organized The First Table Tennis Match of Jian Hua Mould. Every department took part in the match actively and sent their masters to the match. Finally, there are total 16 players in 8 groups in this match.

    It began with knockout match; every player faced the possibility of being eliminated at any time. So each player did his best to strive to be the first with his courage and wisdom, which made the whole competition unusually fierce. After several rounds of fierce competition, finally, two contestants both from the Quality Control Department, Zhang Jianfeng and Ge Longyang, stood on the final peak competition arena. It was always wonderful when Greek meets Greek, and spectators’ cheering and hurrah went higher and higher. Both sides were nearly even, and the game once became a tie, after 3 rounds of hard fighting, at last Zhang Jianfeng won the champion of the match.

    This game not only exercised our health, but also enhanced mutual communication and understanding among different departments. At the same time, it gave us a chance to see the elegant demeanor of movement which is hard to see at ordinary time. Now there is another great progress of internal activities in Jian Hua Mould.




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