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The Song of Kindness—Training for Love
Source:jhmould     Views:4225      Date:2011-09-20

-- The training of Di Zi Gui reached a new height again.

    Our company’s learning and complement of Di Zi Gui reached a new height again. On Sept 8th, 2011, under the leadership of the Chairman Ma Jianhua and the General Manager Zhou Bing, the staff gathered in the company’s canteen to enjoy a masterpiece of Chinese traditional culture—The Song of Kindness by the teacher Jin Yajia.

    After an interactive song the River of Life, the training used the songs and a variety of dancing postures and gestures to express people’s love for lives and their optimism for the difficulties and the unknown future. The following Thanks for All, Mother, Father, Mother-in-law Is the Same as Mother, We Are a Family, Wife Worked Hard, Husband Worked Hard, The True Meaning of Love, The Picture of Kneeling Sheep, Mother Worried about Her Children Who Travelled Thousands of Miles, Hands Pushing the Cradle, Honor Parents interpreted how to express and feel love one by one from the aspects of father and children, mother and children, husband and wife, etc. The singing of teacher Jin Yajia was full of deep feelings, which described a harmonious word filled with filial piety and love feelings by heart. When love goes to the depth, teacher Jin Yajia was choked and difficult to continue. All the people present were touched by the moving songs and affection. At first, the female staff all took out the paper tissue to wipe the tears from their eyes. Slowly, some male employees were also touched by such moving atmosphere with moist eyes and sour breath. All the people present were deeply moved.

    Finally, the song My Country and I by teacher Jin Yajia, full of great love, elevated love to a higher level. Little love makes families harmonize while great love makes harmony of enterprises, countries and the earth.

    The training lasting for nearly three hours ended in the warm applause of all the employees. After the training, many employees with deep emotion said they will fill their families, friends, relatives and colleagues with love. If the whole world can be so, then how wonderful will life be. They all hope that our company should create more opportunities to share such good training with everyone.

    Di Zi Gui is a training taught by personal example as well as verbal instruction, which changes and influences people’s concept and behaviors unobtrusively and imperceptibly. The great love deep in people’s hearts is inspired through all little things. The world will be full of hope and happiness when love comes. Jianhua Mould is trying hard towards this direction step by step. We hope our company will reach the goal of being a model of global sales and products’ quality as well as staff’s personality in the same line a few years later. With the efforts of all the employees, we hope that the day will come sooner!









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