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A Related Report of the Basketball Match----The Final
Source:jhmould     Views:4083      Date:2011-09-09

    Through more than two moths’ fierce competition, finally the Technical Team and the Universe Team met each other on the final match. On 3rd Sep, the championship game started in an intense, exiting and harmonious atmosphere.

    When two strong teams meet, the match is always overheated. The members of the two teams all adopted quick attack and strict defense as first choice. The wonderful cooperation and the smart steal push the match to a new high from time to time. Besides the playing field, each teams cheerleaders all struggled to support for their players. By rebounds, blocks, steals and long shots, the competition went on tightly and intensely and the scores of the two sides were always close. The game brought a rich visual feast to the audience. After a fierce competition, the Universe Team won the championship ultimately.

    The basketball game not only enriches the staff’s spare time, but also strengthens their physical exercise and the sense of team work. The staff got relaxed after tight work, felt the power and warmth of the team, enhanced the group cohesion as well as the communication and understanding between different departments. We show our respect to all the participating members and will continue to make efforts to organize more and better activities!




Technical team  VS  Two Giants team







Vessels team  VS  Universal team







third place play-off


Vessels team  VS Two Giants team







Fisrt place play-off


Technical team  VS Two Giants team






runner-up--- Technical team


Champion--- Universal team


group photo for Champion and runner-up


prize presentation for Champion & Runner-up & Second Runner-up


Champion                                     runner-up



Second Runner-up                                group photoes





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