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One-Day Tour to Tian Mu Lake
Source:jhmould     Views:3723      Date:2012-07-14

    In order to enrich the cultural life of our staff, improve corporate welfare, express the appreciation to the employees’ hard efforts and work, alleviate the staffs working pressure as well as increase the enterprise internal cohesion, on April 22th 2012, our company organizes all staff to have an intimate contact with nature--One-Day Tour to Tian Mu Lake.



    We went straight to ShanShuiYuan hotel once we arrived at Tianmu Lake scenic spot. In Tianmu Lake, there are three famous stuffs which are having great reputations for quite a long time. Fortunately, we had a chance to enjoy one of them —TianMu Lake Fish Head. It won the compliments of all the staffs as it’s really a nonsuch.



    TianMu Lake is surrounded with mountains. Water is clean and cool, trees are all very ancient and famous, flowers are all in unique sizes and shapes, which make the whole scene just like a natural rural drawing. When we sat in the travelling boat, we enjoyed the beauty of TianMu Lake and were so relaxed and happy that we even forgot to return back.



    This activity promoted mutual understanding between staffs, enhanced mutual solidarity and friendship. We are aim to strengthen the team cohesion and employees’ ability of cooperation, stimulated our employees’ enthusiasm of participating in activities, strengthen their understanding of the company culture and relieve our fatigue of work.



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