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Source:jhmould     Views:3736      Date:2012-06-01

    On May 30th,2012 ,at four in the afternoon,Changshu Jianhua Die Sets Co.,Ltd has started his third tug of war match

    There are 8 teams in total, before the competition, every player is full of energy, the headman as well as team leader illustrate the match rule again and again, also give the fullest encouragement  

    The first round comes from tableware department and quality control department. Everyone half squatted body,they are all full of energy. The match started after a whistle by referee,both sides spare no efforts to win the game. But only after several seconds, “Team Tableware” has beaten “Golden Fighter”  

    As for the following 3 round match, it has been more and more amazing. In general, the most competitive players belong to the workers in different workshop, especially milling team in workshop 2, everyman is full of muscle. They are defending champion, whether they can defend again this year?

    The final competition is coming; this duel is between defending champion----“Team Wolves” and “Team Tableware”, after the whistle starts the final competition, the atmosphere has been the highest now. 

    The audience is also very excited, At last, “Team Wolves” beatened “Team Tableware” and get the defending champion.

    Everybody enjoyed a lot during this tug of war match, Jianhua Mould Company will arrange more this kind of activities; this will let us have a more relaxed life after a tough work.




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