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Exclusive Interview with JianHua Mould of Phoenix Weekly Hong Kong
Source:jhmould     Views:3205      Date:2012-05-28

    In the afternoon of May 25th, 2012,  Director Zhou and Journalist Wu from Phoenix Weekly Hong Kong come to JianHua Mould and had an exclusive Interview about the introduction of talents,  technological innovation and other aspects.

    The interview last about one and a half hours in a harmonious atmosphere. General manager Mr. Zhou made a detailed introduction of  the developing history, talents policy, technological innovation and the status in the industry of JianHua Mould. Director Zhou and Journalist Wu showed great respect to the development of JianHua Mould and the status in the industry.

    In the aspect of technological innovation and university-industry cooperation, General manager Mr. Zhou made a key introduction of TongDa Institute of Glass Mould Engineering. The institute as a platform attracts senior experts in glass mould industry and daily glass industry from America, Singapore, Malaysia and domestic. The main purpose is to make a frontier research of mould material, mould design and mould processing. As a result, the institute got a breakthrough in NNPB, and the company becomes the pioneer in designing and manufacturing NNPB moulds in the industry.

    During the interview, the journalist visited the workshop of JianHua Mould. They all raised a big compliment for the management and the products of the company.

    Finally, the journalists from Phoenix Weekly successfully accomplished the interview.




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