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Source:jhmould     Views:3856      Date:2012-05-16

    As per the requirement from the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC as well as the government of JIANGSU Province, The CCTV interviewed the leader of the glass mould industry, JIANHUA MOULD on May 13th.

    The general manager Mr. ZhouBing of JIANHUA DIE SETS CO. LTD attended this interview as invited. During the interview, the manager presented the general development of the company in recent years to the journalist. He told us the company is a small company with only a few employees in the past. But even small, the company always does his best to develop and expand. Now he has become No. 1 in Asia Glass mould industry due to all the efforts and the great attention on cultivating talent people.

    During the interview, Mr.zhou deeply introduced CHANGSHU SHAJIANGBANG TONGDA INSTITUTION OF GLASS MOULD ENGINEERING. The institute which was established by the government of Changshu, government of Shajiabang town and Jianhua die sets co.ltd as well as Nantong University is a research and development platform. It is a big achievement results from the cooperation between science and technology as well as government policy. So far it has gathered more than twenty experienced experts who are from America, Singapore and domestic. They made deep research on multiple projects and got several patents and published lots of thesis. They also offered the solutions regarding the difficulties occurred to the world’s advanced products to some domestic and foreign clients and got good academic and economic benefits, also won the compliment of the government of Changshu and Shajiabang as well as science and technology bureau. This also helps TongDa institute become the technical organization with the most advanced technique in glass mould industry.

    The total interview lasts total two hours, and the journalists are very satisfied with this interview.



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