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The Second Expert Forum of Tongda Institute successfully held
Source:jhmould     Views:3938      Date:2012-05-15

    On May 12th, with the strong support of Jianhua Mould, the Second Expert Forum of Changshu Shajiabang Tongda Institute of Glass Mould Engineering was successfully held. E

    The forum made a full discussion of the prospect of the NNPB light weight bottle moulds and Bottles. The Singapore expert, who is invited over to work in Tongda Institute, made a report on the technology elements of the lightweight bottles and NNPB moulds designing and operating principle. In addition, some other attendants, like Mr Ma, a technical expert from Changyu Glass, Mr Weng, an expert in glass Bottle forming machine and Mr Sun, a design expert from Tong Chan Group, Mr Pu, a technical expert from Zhao Qin Sheng LI , and technical experts Mr Wang and Mr Li from Malaysia, expressed their brilliant views on blow and Blank Mould design, the match between bottom and baffle , plunger and cooling system design and application , and also made a in-depth analysis of key points about the "lightweight" promoting and its market prospects. Mr Chen, the director of Changshu science and technology bureau, acknowledged the research direction of the institute which highly accords with the "Twelfth Five-year Plan of State", and also is the orientation which science and technology bureau is heading to. Besides, director Chen, expressed the appreciation for the contribution of "lightweight" to the energy-saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection and also strongly sustained the establishment of the cooperative project between Tongda and Jianhua. He also hoped both sides could create more projects of high technology with good economic returns and great contribution to the society so as to play a leading role in the regional and industrial development.

    Mr Ma Jian Hua, the president of the Tongda institute, summed up:" First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to all the experts present for their support which helped Jian Hua Mould and Tongda Institute to be the pioneer of the lightweight bottle glass mould in China. We promise we would live up to your expectations and make great contributions to the Chinese lightweight domestic glass.”

   This forum is a summit of the Chinese glass mould and domestic glass, and is the benchmark of the technology development in the glass mould industry. Tongda Institute and Jian Hua Mould will enhance the industry as a leader with the aim of high technology and high level.






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