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Jianhua Mould Company paid a visit to China domestic glass association
Source:jhmould     Views:5471      Date:2012-05-13

    At the beginning of May, 2012, Chairman Ma Jianhua, general manager, and Singapore technique specialist of Jianhua Mould Company paid a special visit to China domestic glass association. The director-general Mr. Meng and other officials warmly welcomed the delegation. At the association headquarter, the two sides had an in-depth communication on strategic and technical tendency issues, such as company development, lightweight bottle manufacturing and so on. This visit benefited the development of the mould industry and inspired Jianhua Mould about the direction of the future development as well.

    Chairman Ma reported to Director-general Meng about the current situation of Jianhua Mould, especially on the hard efforts we made on mould research for lightweight bottle mould. So far Jianhua Mould has designed and supplied such moulds for some of our clients till now, like Yantan Changyu, Shenzhen Huajing, Jingyao Glass, Shandong Rongtai etc. These moulds had good performance in their factories. For example, the 330ml beer bottle from Jingyao Glass Company has lowered its weight from 295g to 250g successfully after using the special mould. This helped our clients get more orders as well as gained great economic benefit at the same time. Jianhua Mould now is still carrying forward this technology continuously and vigorously in domestic market in order to benefit more clients.

    Director-general Meng pointed that lightweight bottle mould research is in accord with national five-year economic plan (2010-2015); this is also future industry development direction due to its obvious social benefits like High-tech, economic effectiveness, energy saving. The association affirms the efforts of Jianhua mould and encourage Jianhua to invest more on R&D and be the leader on industry lightweight technology promotion. Meanwhile, Director-general Meng exchanged ideas with our Singapore specialist on technical standards of lightweight bottle technology. He said:“China is not only doing research on such technology, but has the ambition of being the best one”

    Director-general Meng also showed the concern on the management and development of Jianhua Mould. When learned Jianhua Mould has been the No.1 enterprise in glass mould industry all over the entire Asia since 2008, he is very pleased. He indicates Jianhua should be proud of this honor, and he also encourages Jianhua to strive hard to be No.1 in the world in future.

    Chairman Ma appreciated the long-term vision instructions given by Director-general Meng, also he expressed the gratitude for the long time support to Jianhua Mould from the Association. Jianhua will follow the instructions and invest more on R&D of lightweight bottle mould technology, realizing the expectation of Director-general Meng   “lightweight bottle mould starting from Jianhua Mould”!

    At the same time, the two sides also had an in-depth communication on issues of heat-resisting glass mould, school-enterprise cooperation, and patent etc. All in all, this is really a successful visiting!





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