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The Project Regarding “The Critical Technical Research of Jianhua Mould Lightweight Bottle Glass Moulds”
Source:jhmould     Views:3760      Date:2011-10-29

-----Passed the Scientific & Technical Achievement Evaluation


    On 22nd, Oct, 2011, the project regarding “The Critical Technical Research of Jianhua Mould Lightweight Bottle Glass Moulds” successfully passed the scientific & technical achievement evaluation organized by Changshu Science & Technology Bureau. The experts that attended the meeting all held the view that the property of the products involved in the project is prior to that of the similar ones in our country. They have stable and reliable qualities with domestic leading technology and international advanced standard and also have wide application value. The experts suggested further extending the application range of the production technology of lightweight bottle glass moulds to realize the industrialization of lightweight bottle glass moulds.

    The high-strength lightweight glass bottle can save materials and fuels and decrease the freight cost. It is also safe, healthy and reliable with a wide market, which is the development direction of future glass bottle containers in our country. Jianhua Mould looks far ahead and aims high with forethought. For many years, it has been committed to the technical research and development of this project to tackle key technical problems in the aspects of the materials, structures and manufacture of glass moulds, which has achieved great effect. By the application of “ Zhaoqing Tongchan Huajing Industry”(etc.), it was proved that the glass bottles produced with the application of the achievement in this project reached the requirement of lightweight. Inspected by “National Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”, the weight and capacity’s patio of the lightweight bottles produced in Jianhua Mould can reach 0.5 and 0.6 which exceeds the standard ratio 0.8.

    The Evaluation of the science & technology achievement proves the strong technical power, innovation capability of Jianhua Mould as well as its leading position in the line. Jianhua Mould will constantly insist on the road of developing our enterprise by science and technology. We will break the shackles of traditional models and concepts to follow the development of the times and to seek the greater breakthroughs in the traditional industry of glass mould.






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