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Health Insures Development Physical Examination Reflects Care
Source:jhmould     Views:3453      Date:2011-10-22

----- A Record of The Staff’s Physical Examination of Jianhua Mould in 2011

    In order to show the humanistic care to all the staff, our company set aside half a day to invite the physicians and surgeons from major hospitals in Changshu city to provide a free medical examination for all the staff who were busily engaged in the production tasks of September.

    In order to make the physical examination more comprehensive and thorough, our company contacted the hospital and borrowed the unique Mobile X-ray machine in Changshu city. Besides chest X-ray inspection, other ten more items of inspection, such as routine blood, blood pressure, heart test, lung test, liver test, spleen examination and eye sight checking, were all proceeding orderly. All the staff came to the company early. Thought they all experienced some fear of drawing blood, everyone was revealing the happiness deep from their heart.

    Caring the staff is no longer merely a lip service and what we have learned from Di Zi Gui is not just the theory, so the caring of the staff is translated into concrete actions. The healthy body and psychology of the staff can not only benefit the company, but also benefit the family and the society.

    Generally, the result of medical tests of the staff is very good. After knowing this, all of us are working harder and more passionate. The company will continue deepening and promoting the welfare level of the whole staff which will make all the staff to feel the meticulous love of the company at anywhere and anytime!





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