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      Changshu Jianhua Mould  Technology Co.Ltd. is located in the very famous scenic town—Shangjiabang. It was establishedin 1976, so it has almost 40 years’ experience on glass mould manufacturing. As a leading glass mould manufacturer in China, Jianhuamould mainly produces bottle container glassmoulds and tableware glass moulds.

      The company is dedicated toprovide the worldwide first-class customers with various bottle containermoulds and accessories which are applicable to NNPB, B&B and P&Bprocess, and also to supply moulds, mould holders, and accessories fortableware, kitchenware that are produced under press, blow and P&B process.

      Jianhua Mould has more than 40experienced engineers who use advanced CAD/CAM/CAEsoftware to design the moulds, set the programmes andsimulate the real samples. In addition, to meetthe demand of the customers on some of the complicated designs, the engineerswill always analyze the heat distribution and simulate the glass formingprocess in the moulds with the advanced software.

      Jianhua Mould has established its leading position in theglass mould industry due to its complete qualitycontrol system, highly-trained quality control people and managers,advanced inspection facilities as well as the idea ofthe continuous improvement for quality system.

      In 2009, the ISO9001-2008 certification was recertified

      In 2011, the company wascertified by ISO14001-2004

      In 2011, the company wascertified by GB/T28001-2001 OHSMS

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